UP Mini Grid Policy

1. PREAMBLE Electric power and its easy availability is an established benchmark of development and an essential prerequisite for prosperity. No major economic activity can be sustained without adequate and reliable source of power. In view of the fact that the conventional sources of energy are fast depleting and pose a threat of environment pollution[…]

Priority Sector Lending

1. RBI has notified renewable energy under the priority sector lending. 2. RBI recommends that banks should provide loans up to Rs.10 crore to borrowers for solar, biomass, wind mills and mini-grid plants and for purposes like non-conventional energy-based public utilities.

Electricity Act 2003

The Electricity Act, 2003 has given a thrust to distributed generation particularly in the context of rural electrification 1. Removed the need for licenses for generating & distributing power in rural areas, allowing off-grid energy businesses to more easily provide an alternative source of electricity. 2. The ESCOs can set their own tariffs for off-grid[…]