Mini-grid development in rural India Review of the business case, October 2017
This report analyses the commercial and operational performance of the Smart Power program supported rural mini-grids, based on the data captured in 2017.
Understanding the Impact of Rural Electrification in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, India
The report offers insights on how SPRD is having an impact on the lives of villagers, and what more is needed to sustain, grow, and scale these gains.
Expanding Opportunities For Renewable Energy-Based MiniGrids in Rural India
This report throws light on the initial data, insights and lessons from the ESCOs’ experience in operating rural mini-grid businesses and summarizes the learnings.
Smart Power Connect
May 2017
This issue of Smart Power Connect explores the efforts, success stories and challenges faced in our mini-grid journey so far.
Smart Power Connect
July 2016
The first issue of Smart Power Connect offers insights into how the mini-grids are catalysing rural development through electrification, and hence fuelling aspirations.