Omni Grid Micro Power Company Private Ltd., popularly known as OMC is one of our key ESCO partners with 56 operational plants based on solar and spread across 9 districts in Uttar Pradesh. OMC builds small-scale power plants with renewable sources where there is no reliable power grid today. It sells electricity to telecom towers in[…]



TARAurja operates solar powered mini-grids in rural areas. So far, under the SPRD model, they have set up 22 mini-grids in four districts across UP and Bihar. 10 plants are in UP and 12 are in Bihar. At an aggregate level, TARAurja sites have installed capacity to sell an average of 21,000 to 28,000 units per month[…]


Husk Power Systems

Husk Power Systems, a rural empowerment enterprise focuses on inclusive rural development on the backbone of electric power. Currently under the SPRD program, Husk Power has 3 operational sites in Bihar and one operational site in Uttar Pradesh. Husk Power operates biomass and solar based Hybrid mini grid plants.


Decentralised Energy Systems

Decentralised Energy Systems India Pvt. Ltd., (DESI Power) is one of the founding partners under the SPRD Programme and has been working for 19 years on an integrated model of village development driven by locally generated renewable-energy-based electric power utilised for productive, agricultural and household usage. DESI Power builds, operates and manages decentralised mini-grid power[…]



FreeSpanz is a multi-disciplinary firm that has a focussed approach in the field of green architecture and green building consultancy. The company provides services of Green Architecture, Interiors and turnkey fit outs, Green consultancy (LEED / GRIHA) and energy simulation and commissioning. Today, under the SPRD program, they are operating four sites in Supaul, Bihar[…]


Vayam Renewable Ltd

Vayam Renewable Ltd is part of the BASIX Social Enterprise Group, one of the largest social enterprise in India working for 20 years providing livelihood promotion services across 27 states and over 30,000 villages. Established in 2014, Vayam leverages on this wide footprint of the Basix Group to foster rural energy-entrepreneurship thereby making the energy-access[…]