Micro-Enterprise Development

A key pillar of the Smart Power program is village-level micro-enterprise development.

The Program facilitates and supports the setting up of new enterprises or expanding existing enterprises that can foster local economic development and lead to electricity consumption from the Smart Power mini grid plant.

This involves identification of potential entrepreneurs or enterprises, establishment of facilities, training and capability development, financing support and engaging with institutional partners.

SPI (2)

Socio Economic Development at the SPRD sites will be supported via two approaches:

A: Inorganically: Introduction of micro/small enterprises or integrated value chain livelihood development programs within a community (cluster/village)

  • The objective is to identify replicable models that can be introduced to a larger number of SPRD sites.
  • The first step will involve selecting partners who will implement proven/successful interventions at a few SPRD sites.

B. Organically: Facilitating village entrepreneurs (individual or groups) to start or expand enterprises

  • The objective is to develop processes/systems for how SPRD could provide Institutional support for locally driven enterprise development.
  • The first step will involve understanding the needs and success factors of local enterprises at the current sites to explore potential mechanisms to facilitate village entrepreneurs (capacity building, financing, etc.).

SPI is looking to partner with livelihood implementation organizations who will facilitate initiation, scale up and hand holding of inorganic/organic enterprises till they achieve self-sustenance.