Women Empowerment

Case 4

Electricity has improved women’s lives in significant ways. The story of Kismet Jehan, who hails from the Katiya village of Bahraich district in UP, which is just 600 km from Delhi and a mere 160 km from Lucknow is inspiring. Up until a few months back, she would travel several kilometres to reach an electricity point to charge her mobile phone and skip dinner like several other women in her village for fear of having to step out in the dark to defecate. Access to reliable energy from mini-grids has changed her life and helped her set up a business (a brand of snack called ‘Dhamaka Namkeen’) that she hopes to expand. With her business flourishing, she would have her husband leave his job in Mumbai and join her at their village. Her three daughters now study late into the night, brightening up their future.