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Today, 1 billion people around the world live without reliable electricity. Access to reliable, affordable electricity can make the difference between whether you live with prosperity and opportunity, or if you are struggling with poverty and vulnerability.

India Electricity Scenario

237 million people in India lack access to electricity, most of them are in rural areas.

Even villages classified as electrified may have as few as 10% of households connected to the national grid. Even when a connection to the national grid is available, electricity may often be erratic, making it un-viable for enterprise or agricultural use.

Smart Power India

The Rockefeller Foundation established Smart Power India (SPI) to implement the Smart Power for Rural Development (SPRD) program in India. The SPRD program is an innovative, market-based initiative that promotes sustainable business models that deliver renewable electricity and spur economic development among underserved rural population in India. The program goes beyond household lighting with a focus on productive use, by creating an ecosystem that drives socio economic development.

The program aims to electrify 1000 Indian villages, and impact more than a million lives.

SPI will work as a key partner to Energy Service Companies (ESCOs), private sector, investors, NGOs and the Indian Government to reach the collective goal of bringing electricity to underserved villages in India.


SPI Functions


To successfully implement the 1,000 village plan, SPI works closely with a wide range of stakeholders critical to developing the ecosystem needed to build, catalyze, create and scale-up the DRE mini grid market.

Project development support to assist ESCOs in structuring their engagement in terms of financing, business modeling, site and cluster selection, procurement, training, and so on.
Business development and contracting, to facilitate agreements with telecom tower companies, ESCOs, investors, and technology and equipment providers.
Load development and community engagement to ensure strong local buy-in, economic development, and sustained demand for power.
Policy and regulatory engagement to align incentives between government, investors, and ESCOs and reduce risk in the long-term by supporting the creation of viable grid-interactive models.

SPRD Ecosystem

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