Smart Power India (SPI) was established by The Rockefeller Foundation to implement the Smart Power for Rural Development (SPRD) program.

Through the SPRD program, SPI spurs economic development among underserved rural population in India by providing access to reliable electricity and enables the setting up of commercially viable business models for ESCOs.

    To spur economic development in villages through access to reliable electricity provided by renewable energy mini-grids.

    To enable an ecosystem that drives socio-economic development through sustainable renewable energy mini-grids in 1000 villages, impacting a million lives.


Smart Power India : Energizing rural development
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Smart Power Connect May 2017
This issue of Smart Power Connect explores the efforts, success stories and challenges faced in our mini-grid journey so far.
Smart Power Connect May 2017
This issue of Smart Power Connect explores the efforts, success stories and challenges faced in our mini-grid journey so far.


Smart Power ESCO partners are operating 106 plants impacting over 40,300 lives across Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh.

Currently, in India there are seven ESCO partners under the SPRD program.

81% of the plants use solar energy. 19% use biomass and some use solar/biomass hybrid technology.


A key pillar of the Smart Power for Rural Development program is village-level micro-enterprise development.

The program facilitates and supports the setting up of new enterprises or expanding existing enterprises that can foster local economic development and lead to electricity consumption from the Smart Power mini grid plant.

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Gaining access to electricity opens up greater opportunities for economic development in rural India, creating jobs and new industries, increasing productivity, improving access to education and learning, and engaging more communities in civic participation.

“What I used to sew in two hours can now be done in less than one. While sewing on my handcranked sewing machine, my hands and back would pain a lot. Working on the electric machine is easier and faster. I am happy that I now have a new skill. We need the money that I can make with this sewing job.”

Rajni Shukla,
Kamlapur Patti, Sitapur

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“I use Husk Power for all my critical business needs as it is reliable and offers a strong value for money proposition. I also use Husk Power at my newly constructed house so that my two school-going sons can study uninterruptedly.”

Raju Kumar Gupta,
Piprakoth, East Champaran, Bihar

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How does improved energy access power rural communities?

Our latest video shows how availability of mini-grid electricity has helped a local entrepreneur set up a mini cold storage in Gumla, Jharkhand, which is proving to be a big boon for wholesalers of perishable commodities, such as fruits.

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